Sunday, March 10, 2013

A healthy start to your day...

It is the start to a new week and what better way to begin than with a healthy, balanced breakfast!

A good breakfast can help you... 

  • Lose weight (studies have shown that breakfast eaters weigh less than those who skip breakfast)
  • Increase energy
  • Boost brainpower
  • Improve concentration
  • Raise your metabolism 

...and ensure a healthy start to your day

While your drowsy mind craves comfort, your awakening body needs power!This means that one should eat breakfast within two hours after waking up. 

Follow these tips to help you make the most out of your morning meal and keep you satisfied until snack time:

1. Time issue 
To ensure that you have enough time for breakfast.....

  • Get Organised the Night Before: prepare a breakfast plan as you clean up from supper. Set the table with bowls and spoons for cereal. 
  • Keep Breakfast Simple: on busy days, get the family going with something as quick as a bowl of whole-grain cereal. 

2. Breakfast Options
  • Choose a cereal high in fibre (look for a brand with at least 5 grams of fibre per serving) and add half a cup of skimmed milk or low fat milk for the necessary calcium and protein – try All-bran flakes with fat free milk and sliced banana

  • Weetbix with fat free milk and a sprinkle of raisins

  •  A quick and easy on the go meal - Fruit smoothie made with fresh fruit and fat free milk. Mistakes often made, however, are that smoothies are served in incorrect portion sizes. Choose two tennis ball-sized fruits and do not add any fruit juice to the smoothie, since this is too concentrated. 

  • Cinnamon-oats with fat free milk and fresh strawberries or apples.  Whether you are in a hurry at home or at the office, whether you suffer from high cholesterol levels, constipation, cardiovascular disease or simply feel like having a healthy, yet fulfilling breakfast, a bowl of oats is all you need!

  • One scrambled or poached egg served with one slice of wholegrain toast 

  • Plain fat free yogurt with seasonal fruit salad
  • A low GI muffin topped with fat free cottage cheese

  • Choose low fat, low GI and unroasted muesli  

  • Sugar free peanut butter on toast 

May you have a wonderful week and start each day with a  healthy breakfast option!

The Dietitian's Life Xx

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